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Taj -ul Masjid
Religious & Sight seeing
see Masjids of Bhopal
Taj-ul-Masajid is one of the largest mosques in Asia.
bharat bhawan
Bharat Bhawan
Bharat Bhawan, a center for the creative and performing arts, boasts of its own repertory, indoor and outdoor auditoria.

Museums in Bhopal
An open air exhibition of tribal house types located of Shyamla Hills, the Tribal Habitat is a presentation of actual size dwellings typical of contemporary tribal cultures in various state of India.

Tribal Habitat

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya

Government Archaeological Museum (State Museum)

Regional Science Centre
Sight seeing
Kerwa forest is one such region which is in the heart of the city.
Kerwa region is rich in scenic beauty with forests. Kerwa river and hills as part of the whole. Rich in wild life, this region is also a store house of cultural history. With its central location, Kerwa region can act as a breather, stress reliever and a rejuvenating place for the people of Bhopal.


Bhimbekta Caves
Bhimbekta Caves
map icon45km from Bhopal

map icon11 kms from the town center on a drive north past the former Union Carbide factory, is an attractive little oasis of calm in a tiny village. The palace at the heart of the gardens was built by Dost Mohammad Khan, the early Afgan ruler of Bhopal. The pavilion pillars are decorated with floral patterns. the two-storeyed Rani Mahal and the baths (hammam) of the Chaman Mahal can also still be seen.